In today's "Housecall for Health," FOX's Alex Hein reports on how euphoric therapy can help veterans better cope with their post traumatic stress disorder triggers:

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The triggers for post traumatic stress disorder can appear in unexpected places. For one veteran who served in Afghanistan, fireworks made him visualize grizzly images of mangled bodies.

James, who's last name is withheld, said that during his deployment he had to sever the connection between his heart and head in order to be able to process images of soldiers' and children's bodies mangled by explosions.

But when he got back, he couldn't reestablish the connection. He became unpredictable and was unable to control his emotions.

He tried traditional and non traditional forms of therapy, but found the most help in an experimental study involving MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy or molly.

One expert said that if a trained therapist can harness the euphoria and feelings of overwhelming love that ecstasy can invoke, it could help patients navigate through trauma.

However, when used incorrectly or in a party setting, MDMA could have fatal consequences.

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