"The significance to all of this is democracy is dead if the public is going to be deceived and if there is no accountability for it. If that's how our government is going to function, telling us the big lie, then denouncing people as racists or war mongers or corrupt people if they disagree with the big lie, then democracy is dead if that's going to succeed. If that's how government is going to work, whoever tells the biggest lie and gets away with it wins the prize, then we are sunk as a republic."

---Michael Goodwin on the ramifications that the Obama administration sold the Iran deal to the public based on lies

NY Post columnist, Michael Goodwin, joined Kilmeade & friends to talk about his latest article, "Meet the Democratic Liars Club", which focuses on the NY Times story of Obama Administration aide Ben Rhodes admitting he helped sell the Iran nuclear deal to congress and the public based on lies with the help of a willing press.

Listen here: