Is the War Against Terror the most misunderstood war in America’s history?

Our soldiers are patriots. Their soldiers are fanatics. We fight the war over there. They fight the war over here. Our weapons are bullets. Their weapons are their lives!

Gorka Book

Yet my guest – Dr Sebastian Gorka – believes we can win!

Sebastian is probably the world’s only authority on counter-terrorism. He’s the world’s leading expert on asymmetric warfare and provides advice to the US Special Operations Command, The FBI’s Counter-terrorism Division, the Green Berets, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Intelligence Council.

Sebastian provides a reality check and a fact check on the state of the war today.

Take a listen to the show because it exposes what you didn’t know and what you need to know!

Listen here:

His new book titled Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War is a must read for you and your family, and provides an in-depth analysis you won’t get anywhere else.

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