FBI Offers to Help Crack into an iPhone in Arkansas

    Now that federal investigators have figured out how to defeat the security measures of an smartphone once owned by the now-dead San Bernardino terrorist, are they offering their expertise to other law enforcement agencies? That could be in the case in Arkansas.

    FOX’s Eben Brown reports:

    A prosecutor outside Little Rock, Arkansas, says the FBI†offered to help him crack into an iPhone believed to belong to a suspected double murderer.

    The FBI†recently announced success in breaking into an Apple smartphone once used by San Bernardino†shooter Syed Farook, after threatening court action against Apple for refusing to assist them.

    The feds said they feared their attempts to break the password would cause the phone to lose its data, data they believed could shed light on terrorist activity. Apple says they’re committed to personal data security.

    Eben Brown,†FOX News.