"I think his interview with Chris Matthews was clearly a disaster, there is no doubt about it. He has not thought through the whole idea of punishing people who had had an abortion. Let me say that I have never advocated, and I don't know any pro-lifers who do, that women who have abortions need to have some type of punishment or criminal charges. I think it's something he hadn't thought through."

----Huckabee on Donald Trump saying if abortion becomes illegal he would punish a woman who gets the procedure.

Former 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Gov. Mike Huckabee, called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss Donald Trump's comments on punishing a woman if she gets an abortion. Huckabee felt Trump's answer was terrible but thinks he may have been caught off guard by the question. Huckabee also weighed in on Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandoski turning himself into police over grabbing the arm of reporter Michele Fields, telling Brian he watched the video frame-by-frame and didn't see Fields making any motions or react in a way that she was hurt or man handled by Lewandoski.

Plus, Huckabee's thoughts on the establishment republicans supporting Ted Cruz.

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Huckabee expanding on his thoughts on Trump saying if abortion becomes illegal he would punish a woman who gets the procedure and whether or not this could be a fatal mistake for Trump's campaign.

(HUCKABEE) I thought it was a terrible answer. I thought he fumbled the ball terribly. He had not thought that through and he needs to think that though because for a lot of people, including myself, it's a very important issue. I think after he realized what he had said and how utterly unacceptable it is to say let's go punish the woman, he walked it back, he issued a statement to clarify saying no that's not what we would to. Was it a good day for him? No it was not. Did it hurt him? Yes it did. Is it a fatal error? I doubt it. The reason I say that is I would have said a year ago, yeah, that's it, that's the end of it but I have sat through all of these fatal errors that he has had and I am sitting here talking to as an unemployed former candidate and he is the front runner. For me to tell you that this was the end of his whole parade, no I think that would be absurd to say that. Clearly what is moving his voters is the focus on what I call the big things and they're willing to forget about and even ignore little things and for them, misspeaking is little.

Huckabee on the establishment endorsing Ted Cruz

(HUCKABEE) Let's not kid ourselves, all of these establishment types rallying around Cruz, whether it's Scott Walker or Lindsey Graham, do you think they are doing that because they love Ted Cruz? No. in fact, they don't even want Ted Cruz to win, they just want to make sure Donald Trump loses. All they are hoping for is if Cruz can stay close enough to his heels, then Trump won't have 1237 delegates, it will go to the convention and they will make sure neither one of those guys, Trump or Cruz is the nominee. And so if Cruz is sitting around and smiling thinking they like me, they really like me, then he needs medication and he needs it now because they are not pushing for him because they want him to get to 1237, they don't think he can, they are pushing for him to keep Donald Trump from getting there and they will take the convention and steer it their own way from either one of these guys.