Ep. 1 – Ben Shapiro: “When Diversity Becomes a Problem”

Conservatives and liberals get charged when conservative author, journalist and speaker Ben Shapiro exposes what he calls the hypocrisy of the left!  Shapiro is on a ten city speaking tour confronting the current political correctness anti-free speech craze sweeping university and college campuses nationwide.  His first speech, “Truth is a Micro Aggression” highlighted the anti-capitalist agenda of the campus left.  Shapiro says, “Capitalism is color blind.  The only color that capitalism cares about is green.”

Statements like that and, “our public school system has been teaching students that they are each members of victimized groups” have sparked protests and demonstrations when Shapiro speaks.  He is scheduled Thursday February 25th at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) to deliver his latest speech, ”When Diversity Becomes a Problem.”  It is already drawing protests from professors and the activist group Black Lives Matter which plans to stage a protest during Shapiro’s speech.