Apollo 10 Astronaut Gene Cernan: “I Heard Absolutely Nothing On The Backside Of The Moon Except My Colleagues Talking”

“That’s news to me. I never heard of that before. The only music we had on Apollo 10 was a tape recorder we took to play some music to give us a little relaxation once in a while. We played it on the front side of the moon, we played it on the backside of the moon and some of it leaked through the system and that’s what it was. I heard absolutely nothing on the backside of the moon except my colleagues talking. We couldn’t even talk to the ground.”

—Former astronaut Gene Cernan on if he heard music while passing over the backside of the moon during the Apollo 10 mission in 1969

Apollo 17 Commander Gene Cernan, who was the last man to walk on the moon, joined Kilmeade & Friends to talk about the documentary “The Last Man On The Moon” which focuses on the 13 day lunar mission that took place in December 1972. Cernan spoke about commanding the Apollo 17 mission and his hope that we will not only go back to the moon someday but to Mars and beyond. Plus, Cernan helped set the record straight that members of a previous space mission that he was a part of, Apollo 10, heard ‘weird music’ while passing over the backside of the moon in 1969.

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I truly believe we are going to find ourselves in a position ( to go back to the moon) because we are indeed building hardware and if we could put a mission, if we could put a goal, if we could find another JFK, we will head there a lot sooner than you think is possible.