There are many things that affect cholesterol levels.

FOX's Alex Hein explains:

While many factors that may contribute to high cholesterol are well known, many cardiologists say stress goes overlooked and unmentioned, but chronic stress from a tough job or a strained relationship can play a role, along with poor diet, smoking, and lack of exercise in causing lipid concentrations to rise.

65-year-old Chris was taking medication and working on his diet when his cholesterol shot up anyway. His doctor suggested he get rid of some of the stress in life, which meant scaling down some responsibilities at his job that saw him regularly traveling internationally...

He listened to the doctor and four years later his level of so-called bad cholesterol has dropped to 62mg per deciliter from 121.

Understanding the effect of stress on cholesterol is becoming more important as people's lives increasingly are crammed with obligations and digital technology, making it harder than ever to tune out.

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Housecall for Health I'm Alex Hein, FOX News.