Valentine's Day is about more than being part of a couple.

FOX's Ashley Papa explains:

Dateless this Valentine's Day? Forget the pity party and sappy music, get your friends together and make it a "Palentine's Day."

That's just one suggestion from relationship expert and author Jenna McCarthy, says the holiday is about what and who you love:

(McCarthy) "Celebrate it spreading love, feeling love, showing love to the people in your life that mean something to you. I would get my friends together and enjoy something that we love together."

Get a group together and go to a basketball game or grab your pals and make it a spa day. Whatever you do, McCarthy says stay off social media:

(McCarthy) "Don't spend the day on Facebook looking up all of your ex's out of some weird mushy sentimentality that this day evokes in you, unless they're single and you really do what to have some relationship with them."

And if you see a group of guys or gals out on Valentine's Day, chances are they're single, so it just might be a good day to find a new love interest.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.