Why should you leave you doctor a rating online?

FOX's Alex Hein reports:

This is, Housecall for Health.

A new study suggests that doctors should encourage their patients to leave reviews on websites that rate performance because a wider variety of contributors creates a more balanced picture.

Researchers found that dermatologists whose online ratings were analyzed were typically listed on about two out of five popular websites for rating doctors. They warn that too few reviews may skew a doctors rating.

Physician rating websites had 6.4 million hits this year. About 61% of patients reported using these types of websites to select a doctor in 2014 and about one-in-five reported using comments to evaluate their doctors.

Encouraging all patients to leave reviews would create more transparency between patients and doctors. The American Medical Association said patient satisfaction is important to doctors, but cautioned against patients relying too heavily on rating websites.

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Housecall for Health, I'm Alex Hein, FOX News.