A Boy Scout leader is recovering from a bear attack in New Jersey.

FOX's Carmen Roberts has the story:

The Scout leader says he's been to the cave in New Jersey's Split Rock Reservoir regularly for decades and he's never seen a bear.

So, being attacked by one was a big surprise to him and some locals...

(Locals) "Shocked because we hike here all the time."

(Locals) "Often come home after dark and I cannot see my surroundings, so the fact that there was a bear attack is definitely startling to me."

50-year-old Christopher Petronino was showing the cave to 3 young scouts Sunday when the bear grabbed him... He yelled for the scouts to run for help and tried to fight the bear with a rock hammer.

But it was a dog with the group whose barking drew the bear out and up a hill. Petronino was airlifted to a hospital with bites on his legs and shoulders.

No sign of the bear, but it's so warm he may not need that cave for a while.

Carmen Roberts, FOX News.