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Russia is admitting that an explosive device took down a Russian jetliner, last month, in the Sinai desert.

FOX's Jessica Golloher has the details:

The head of Russia's FSB security service tells Russian President Vladimir Putin a homemade explosive device brought down a Russian passenger plane on October 31, killing all 224 people on board.

Alexander Bortnikov saying according to Russian experts, a homemade explosive device equivalent to roughly two pounds of TNT went off on board the jet, which caused it to break apart in midair.

The FSB, formerly known as the KGB also offering a $50-million reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

The security service also appealing to the international community for cooperation in identifying the terrorists. The U.S. and Britain have maintained a bomb caused the plane to explode, ISIS says it's responsible.

In the Middle East bureau, Jessica Golloher, FOX News.