The rates of adults in the U.S. smoking cigarettes continues to decline, according to the results of a new government survey. But it is not clear whether or not smokers are giving up tobacco use entirely.

FOX News' Eben Brown reports:

Cigarette use among adults in the U.S. is believed to reached a new low of 14.9%...

(Ward) "That was the lowest we've seen since we've been tracking it with the National Health Interview Surveys since 1997."

Brian Ward with the National Center for Health Statistics, who adds its been declining for years, but it now coincides with a different study showing use of electronic cigarettes, up among one-time traditional smokers.

(Ward) "You know we don't know for certain if the decrease has anything to do with the e-cigarettes. You know it is something to consider, one could maybe speculate."

Eben Brown, FOX News.