America is in the longest war of its entire history but most Americans don’t even know it. America needs leaders who must decide if we want to win or if we will continue just trying not to lose.

The game has to change because the rules of the game are changing. My guest is Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann. He’s out with a book called Game Changers, which explains why we are not winning now and more importantly how to win this war against terrorism on-shore and off-shore in the future.

He knows a thing or two about war because he’s spent 23 years in the Armed Special Forces, where he was involved in foreign internal defense, counter-insurgency and stability missions. He’s served in Special Ops for over 18 years and has been a Green Beret for over 15 years. He’s had combat deployments in Columbia, Equador, Peru, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Listen to his perspective here:

Here’s a video trailer of the book Game Changers: