Fighting for Faith and Country – One Man Challenges the US Army to Defend Our Country and His Religion

The US Army now allows tattoos but they take a time out for turbans....interesting. Self-expression is allowed but self-identification is a cause for deliberation.

This show will leave you with a mixed bag of emotions. Its about an American Sikh patriot trying to join the US Army but he was initially prevented from doing so because he wears a turban out of respect for his religion. He had to sue the US Army in order to defend his country and defend his faith.

He gives us many reasons to be inspired. He gives us many reasons to celebrate. But if you step back and take another look, what he had to go thru was not inspiring. His success comes from a system that still fails us. His joy comes from a state of affairs that is still sad.

While everyone celebrates his victory the underlying problems still exist. This is a story of a battle that has been won but where the war still wages on.

We must ask ourselves if we want America's military to look like America then what does an American look like?