Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton officially launched her campaign Saturday in New York City.

LISTEN to FOX News Radio's special coverage of Hillary Clinton's official campaign launch speech:

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Supporters of Hillary Clinton packed her campaign kickoff rally Saturday in New York City.

FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers has more from Roosevelt Island:

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

They showed up to hear Clinton outline her vision for America.

(Seller) "Get Hillary swag... Hats, shirts, bumper stickers, water bottles."

(Supporter) "She's got a great record and she's got the ability to beat the Republicans."

They told me what they'd like to see addressed in her campaign.

(Supporters) "Will, I'm really interested to see what she does with the wage gap.// Everything that has to do with women's rights... women's right to choose, women's right to have equal pay."

And others were here to let Clinton know they don't support her.

(Non-supporter) "I'm here really for a major reason - which is her two-state support on what to do with Israel."

Clinton now heads to early primary states including Iowa and New Hampshire.

On Roosevelt Island in New York City, I' m Tonya J. Powers, FOX News Radio.