Is Your Money Safer In a Physical Bank Or a Virtual One?

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Banking is probably one of the most boring and uninspiring tasks that I do in my life. Whether I do phone banking or at a branch, it’s always the same experience with staff who have delusions of adequacy and the attention span of a lightning bolt. They all provide a so-called financial adviser, but itís a bit like going in for a medical examination where gentlemen flinch when the nurse puts on her latex gloves and asks one to turn around. And these days, banks all look the same and they all say the same things. Itís analogous to being at nerd-prom, but the only difference is that if youíre lucky enough one of the nerds might go IPO!

But just as things were getting mundane and I was contemplating my spring vacations in lands afar, along comes another bank called Its a new internet bank thatís just entered the market place. It claims that existing banks charge us fees unnecessarily (no kidding!) and donít reward our savings in the way Bankmobile can (ok, now maybe you might have piqued my interest!). This bank claims to be different and wants to disrupt the way banking exists.

Well, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is – so I contact Bankmobile and speak with their Chairman, Jay Sidhu and the Chief Strategy Officer, Luvleen Sidhu. It’s amazing what I find out about the way we bank today and how internet banks like Bankmobile can turn our experiences into more desired ones.

Take a listen: