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(AP Photo)

Texas Governor Rick Perry has some strong words for President Obama-- who's scheduled to visit the Lone Star State, as the debate continues on how to handle the surge of illegal immigrant children flooding the border.

FOX News Radio's Rachel Sutherland reports from Washington DC:

There are dueling invitations in Texas. President Obama is inviting Republican Governor Rick Perry to a roundtable on immigration issues during his visit this week.This, after Perry called on the President to come to the border with him.

Perry: "If he doesn't go to the border, I think it's a real reflection of his lack of concern of what's really going on there."

The White House has said most will be deported because they won't qualify for humanitarian aid.

In Washington, Rachel Sutherland, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: The President is asking for a $3.7 billion dollar emergency funding request from Congress. It would cover not only housing and detaining young immigrants already in the country-- but also the added costs of returning unaccompanied children back home.

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