Podcast: Bishop T.D. Jakes on Instinct

Bishop T D Jakes

Defining Bishop T.D. Jakes is pointless as he continues to evolve through his body of work. He’s helped people from the crack house all the way to the White House.

However, he is a self-proclaimed communicator. His new book is called ‘Instinct’, which is based on a simple concept yet is a powerful read.

Hear Bishop TD Jakes discuss his latest work with Vipp. This amazing show has the Bishop’s wisdom and Vipp’s tongue in cheek humor!

Listen here:

Bishop Jakes’ new book “Instinct” is available at Amazon and B&N.

Amazon.com : Get “Instinct” from Amazon.com

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Read the first chapter of “Instinct” by Bishop T.D. Jakes here!