VIRAL VIDEOS: “Look Up” Tackles Social Media Addiction

(YouTube / Gary Turk / Look Up)
(YouTube / Gary Turk / Look Up)

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook:

“Look Up.”

In an extreme case of irony, this clip slamming social media as a void detrimental to human interaction is trending big time… on social media.  Director Gary Turk begs viewers to step away from electronic devices and actually live life through a powerful poem and a short love story, with a sad twist.  While a valid and strong point is made, Turk comes off as a bit of a hypocrite; using the vehicle he so strongly bashes, in order to get his message across.

Then, there’s this:

“100 Days of Dance.”

Speaking of people who need to step away from social media, this montage video shows a guy performing the same dance routine over the course of several months… set to Jamiroquai’s song “Canned Heat” made famous in the cult favorite film, Napoleon Dynamite.  Now, this is a person who really needs to watch the video “Look Up.”

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“Official Extended Trailer – GOTHAM – FOX BROADCASTING.”

Coming this fall on FOX, it’s a new TV series about Batman.  Attempting to put yet another spin on the franchise, Gotham focuses on the origin story of the beloved DC Comics’, where the seedy city is the star.  The future Commissioner Gordon is introduced as a law enforcement rookie, still wet behind the ears… who looks after a young Bruce Wayne; reeling from the recent tragedy of his parents’ death.

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