Addiction, Prostitution and Incarceration…A Teenage Boy’s Tale of Salvation


What if the concept of the American Dream is flawed because it encourages us to achieve success but does not teach us how to overcome failure?

What if you are so blinded by the pursuit of doing good for your loved ones that you ignore the evil that lurks around them?

One of those evils could be drug addiction.

It came as a great surprise to me when I explored the backgrounds of people recovering from addiction. They seem to come from the most normal households that symbolize the American Dream.

I feel for these parents who work hard and mean well for their children and then see their hopes and aspirations for their kids crushed right in front of their own eyes. When faced with the reality of addiction, some parents become paralyzed because they never thought it could happen to them.

Our guest's story is an inspiring one of a young man who fell victim to drugs but eventually fought back and succeeded. Listen to his heartfelt story:

Audio clip: