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New looks for a couple of new cars in the new year and feeling charitable during this season of giving.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper with more in our weekly look at the industry in the podcast "FOX Wheels":

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Facelift for a 50 year-old-- car that is. When Ford recently unveiled its new Mustang, the owner of the first Mustang ever sold got an up-close look.

Gail Wise

Gail Wise brought from suburban Chicago to Detroit, her 1964 Mustang.

She says of the 2015 model--

(Wise) "Oh, it's beautiful. And it looks speedy and sporty just how I felt when I bought this one."

No word on the new Mustang's price tag.


Not as many of us have been scooping up what was a hot seller here in the U.S. So, Toyota is revamping the Camry. Look for a stronger front-end to pass a new government crash test.


Will an ambulance or police officer will show up at our door when you call? In Detroit, sometimes not right away. Little money to replace the fleets in the largest U.S. city to go through bankruptcy. GM, Ford and Chrysler are among several private businesses to pony up the $8 million dollars needed to buy 123 new emergency vehicles-- and the final batch of ambulances has just been delivered.

With FOX Wheels, I'm Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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