Hour 1

The White House may have pressed the reset button on Obamacare but the reality has not changed for millions who have lost their doctors. NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin who joined Brian in his usual Monday slot to talk about the ongoing disaster Obamacare is. Also where have all the Democrat centrists gone? Michael Goodwin tells Brian they no longer exist in today's Democrat Party

Hour 2

Ezekiel Emanuel did the Sunday talk show rounds and is still trying to spin Obamacare but the promises don't add up. Dr. Charles Krauthammer author of Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics which is currently #1 on the NYTs Best-Seller list joined Brian to talk about President Obamas false promises. Dr. Krauthammer said "Obamacare does not address the waste in the healthcare industry." Turning to foreign policy Dr. Krauthammer says America's allies are losing confidence in our policies in the Middle East. Then tapping into Dr Krauthammers sports expertise Brian asked Dr Krauthammer his thoughts on Robinson Cano leaving the Yankees for Seattle.

Continuing the breakdown on Obamacare new numbers show most new enrollees into Obamacre are going into Medicaid. Ed Henry FOX's Chief White House Correspondent spoke with Brian how President Obama would rather the agenda be about the economy instead of constant focus on Obamacare. Ed Henry also weighed in on the current debate of who has accomplished more as Secretary of State? Hillary Clinton or John Kerry?

Hour 3

Democrats and Republicans are trying to hammer out a budget deal but have different ideas on what needs to be done. Bret Baier Anchor of Special Report joined Brian and said he believes if any deal is to get done "Republicans must give in on taxes and Democrats must give in on entitlements"

The Iran Deal is still a hot topic for debate. President Obama and Secretary Kerry's have given assurances that the deal with Iran is a strong and Iran does not have a right to continue enrichment. James Rosen ~ Fox's Chief Washington Correspondent joined Brian and believes the opposite is true under the agreement. The deal gives Iran the right to expand their enrichment capacity. James Rosen also debunked the rumor that President Bush and VP Cheney turned down an offer from Iran in 2003 to halt enrichment.