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The law that bans undetectable firearms is set to expire, sparking concern about plastic guns.

FOX News Radio’s Steve Taylor reports from Washington:

There are guns that metal detectors can’t see because they’re made entirely of plastic. The gun parts can be created on a high-tech, three-dimensional printing device. These weapons are not legal to carry or use under federal law, but that law expires next month. Attorney General Eric Holder says this is a serious threat to law enforcement and to anyone who flies. Holder asks Congress to renew the law. However, that would require bipartisan support and quick action, two things that Congress hasn’t done well in recent years.

In Washington, Steve Taylor, FOX News Radio.

READ a statement from Attorney General Eric Holder on 3D guns:

“This is an extremely serious problem. This is a very worrisome threat to law enforcement and to people who fly every day. We can’t have guns legally in circulation that are not detectable by metal detectors. If the Undetectable Firearm Act is not renewed and is allowed to expire in early December, plastic guns could go undetected by metal detectors and could be smuggled into a variety of places. Whatever people’s feeling are about gun safety legislation, this is something we should all agree needs to be reauthorized – and even expanded. I would think that this should enjoy broad, bipartisan support and could be done swiftly and quickly. That is what we will be pushing for.”