Hour 1

Has President Obama's luck run out?  Steve Hayes, senior writer for The Weekly Standard, joined Brian and talked about how President Obama is trying to deflect blame for Americans losing their health insurance. Brian and Steve also weighed in on former democratic Congressman Harold Ford saying Obama's trustworthiness and credibility are on the line which prompted Hayes to declare, "President Obama's credibility isn't on the line, the President's credibility is shot!"

Brian was joined by one of the key historians, Steve Russell Boerner, who assisted him with discovering the story of George Washington's Secret Six!

Peter Earnest executive director of the International Spy Museum joined Brian and talked about how the "Secret Six" were essential to helping America defeat Britain in the Revolutionary War. Peter also gave his insight into the CIA today as well as his opinion on Edward Snowden.

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KILLING KENNEDY! Actor Will Rothhaar, who played Lee Harvey Oswald in the National Geographic Channel movie "Killing Kennedy", spoke with Brian about how he researched playing Oswald for the film, and how the role has changed his life both personally and professionally.

Hour 2

For the second week in a row, FOX's Alisyn Camerota and Chris Stirewalt hijacked Kilmeade and Friends and discussed President Obama coming to the realization that his signature healthcare law is having dire consequences on the American people. Alisyn and Chris then had some fun with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's similarity to Chris Farley!

Hour 3

Mitch Albom, author The First Phone Call from Heaven, joined Brian and talked about how his mother's stroke, which left her  unable to speak, sparked the idea for this book.

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Chuck Leavell rocker/conservationist & author "Growing a better America" stopped by the studio and talked about his legendary career playing with greats such as the Rolling Stones. Chuck also gave some insight into other music legends, the state of the music industry and his passion for a greener cleaner environment.