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Cars that have it all -- and then some.

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If you're into tricked out vehicles -- interesting stuff at this year's SEMA Trade Show.

Chrysler will only sell 100 Mopar '14 Dodge Challengers with a performance package and hotrod look.

The Hyundai Veloster Turbo with neon paint looks like something out of the street-racing movie "The Fast and the Furious".

("The Fast and the Furious") "Go..." 

A Kia Soul model is every man's dream -- lift the trunk and pull out a gas grill.

If heading to the beach for a fat wave but only get ankle slop and decide to call it a day, Chrysler's got "The Sun-Catcher".

"A ram truck that you can take to the beach that has a built-in shower head so that after you go surf you can actually clean yourself up before you go back to work."

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At the Tokyo Auto Show later this month - Nissan is unveiling the "Blade Glider". It's a lighter vehicle with a long narrow nose and a wide back -- sort of like a bobsled meets batmobile.

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