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You might know how easy it is to run up massive smartphone bills on games and apps, but do your kids? Britain is trying to find a way to help parents avoid the costly gaming trend.

FOX News Radio's Simon Own reports from London:

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Earlier this year, British parents Greg and Sharon Kitchen got a shock when they found out their five year-old managed to spend two and a half thousand dollars playing a game on their iPad, all down to easily purchased in-game extras. British authorities are trying to avoid a repeat.

Elithorn: "They don't always understand that in-game currency is real money and firms shouldn't be exploiting childhood innocence."

Cavendish Elithorn with Britain's Office for Fair Trading, which is threatening app developers with legal action if they don't ease up on tactics which could be considered unfair; like suggesting a game character would be disappointed if the player didn't spend money.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio.

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