Here's a law that could stop any man from cheating on his wife. But not vice-versa.

The legal system in India could give a cheating husband jail time for a maximum of 3 years if his wife commits suicide as a direct result of the affair.

Adultery I agree is immoral but is it illegal? I mean spouses only really cheat on one another if they are dissatisfied with their relationship. And in our society we only look at the one partner who has gone astray but we rarely look at the other who could have possibly driven the spouse to go outside of marriage. Shouldn't they take some responsibility in the breakdown of their marriage?

Our modern day ethics are strange aren't they when you look closely at it? we always look at the effect but never at the cause.

Another interesting point to note in this new law is that it only applies to men cheating. What about the women who cheat? What happens to their husbands who feel so full of grief that they commit suicide? I guess their legal system doesn't care.

And who said "all is fair in love and war"?

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