Lung Transplant Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania girl whose court fight for adult lungs stirred a national debate, is home from the hospital.
FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports: 
After six months and two transplants:
"Welcome home Sarah!"
A joyful welcome home for Sarah Murnaghan, who turned 11 at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this month. And, in a "FOX & Friends" exclusive, offers thanks and inspiration:
Sarah Murnaghan: "Just remember this, if you're ever in trouble and I'm strong, you can be strong too."
Her mom Janet says now the rest of Sarah has a lot of catching up to do:
Janet Murnaghan: "When you're sedated and paralyzed and on huge immunosuppressants for that long, your muscles take a really big hit."
So she's using a walker and facing a lot of physical therapy.
Janet Murnaghan: "She's doing fantastic. But, this is the beginning of the next chapter."
Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.
Editor's Note: The Federal judge's ruling that allowed adult lungs for Murnaghan, has prompted a review of transplant rules.