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It's a first in the U.S.: a doctor performing surgery while wearing Google Glass.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Lacerra reports:

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Dr. Christopher Kaeding with the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center performed knee surgery on a female patient while wearing the head mounted computer and camera.

(Dr. Kaeding) "The fact that I could sit there in real time both audibly and then even more important, even you know, visually you know I could communicate with somebody while I'm in the middle of a case."

He says once he got into the surgery he often forgot it was there...

(Blackwell) "This really shows you what's going on in the surgery itself."

Medical student Ryan Blackwell watched the surgery remotely.

Google Glass is worn like glasses. There's a glass block that sits above the right eye where users can call up information on a computer screen using a voice command.

Lisa Lacerra, FOX News Radio.