Sarah Murnaghan

Not every transplant works out the first time around. A 10 year-old Pennsylvania girl found this out first-hand.

Mike Murillo from FOX News Radio affiliate WWIQ in Philadelphia has the story:

Sarah Murnaghan's mother revealed that her daughter's first set of donated lungs began to fail because they were in poor condition. She was put back on the adult donor list and three days after her first transplant she received a new set of lungs. An operation which the family calls truly a success. Now they focus on having the 10 year-old take her first breaths without a ventilator. A second attempt to remove her chest tubes was successful.

In Philadelphia, Mike Murillo, FOX News Radio.

Listen below to Sarah's mother Janet Murnaghan discuss the situation:

Murnaghan: "This all happened very fast and we weren't expecting it. And um, frankly we were told in those three days that she was gonna die."

Murnaghan: "Her lungs for whatever reason were going into a rapid decline. Um, and there were about 30 people in the room and we sort of stood outside the room, helpless."

Murnaghan: "She says she wants to go to the beach first and then she wants to go to Disney World. Yes, and she has plans and those are the things that keep us going."