The winner of the Arab world's version of the reality show "American Idol" is from Gaza. His win has united Palestinians divided by rival governments.


FOX News Radio's Emily Wither has the story from Jerusalem:

Audio clip:

("Arab Idol" audio) When Gazan Mohammed Assaf was named the winner of "Arab Idol", this was the scene in Gaza: (cheering)

Gaza City
Gaza City

This was downtown Ramallah in the West Bank: (cheering).


And here in Jerusalem, in the Palestinian neighborhoods fireworks exploded and car horns blared.


Assaf beat singing hopefuls from Syria to Lebanon. (singing) And united Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank split by governments who hope they'll be one state in the future. The scale of celebrations was bigger than any political or protest rally in recent years.

Assaf has also been crowned a special ambassador by the U.N.'s Palestinian refugee agency. He grew up in one of the camps.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, Fox News Radio.

Watch a VIDEO below of Mohammed Assaf from "Arab Idol":

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