Four years after his death, the King of Pop is still part of legal battles. Plus, music fans will be getting some new material from Earth, Wind & Fire, John Legend and Arctic Monkeys.

FOX News Radio Entertainment Correspondent, Sabrina Sabbagh has the scoop in this edition of "FOX Rocks":

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died four years ago. When he was in the middle of preparing for a comeback tour.


And even though his family is still in court battling over how much money he would have made if he didn't die from that lethal dose of propofol, estimates of his posthumous net worth range from 600 million to 1 billion dollars. Still, his mother is suing AEG Live in a wrongful death case. She says they failed to supervise his doctor.



Earth, Wind and Fire is releasing a new album for the first time in eight years. "Now, Then and Forever" will be out in September. Singer Philip Bailey says the album was basically finished when they decided to go back to the drawing board.


John Legend

Five years after his last album, John Legend is coming out with another project called "Love In The Future."



And Arctic Monkeys are releasing "AM" their fifth full-length album.

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