Hunger Strike Over Philadelphia School Layoffs

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    The fight against budget cuts gets extreme in Philadelphia as parents and workers do what they can to battle layoffs.

    FOX News Radio's Kirstin McNary reports:

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    Parents and workers are on a hunger strike to protest the layoff of 1,200 school aides who help keep Philadelphia students safe. The cuts, part of a massive budget gap that could leave Philly schools without sports, arts, assistant principals or secretaries. The group camped out in front of the Governor's downtown field office and started starving last Monday.

    Last week, Mayor Michael Nutter blasted lawmakers for short-changing students.

    (Mayor Nutter) "It will deteriorate the true quality of education that our young people deserve.  And all of that can be prevented certainly by the actions of responsible adults."

    Kirstin McNary, FOX News Radio.