I love the Law of Attraction but my biggest regret is not having learned of it so much sooner in my life.

The law that Thoughts Become Things is irrefutable and something that should be taught to us from the earliest ages.

Think of where we would be as adults if as children and certainly teenagers we learned that our thoughts become the circumstances and events of our lives!

We'd be unstoppable forces to be reckoned with!

The saying "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it" presupposes the outcome of this amazing principle of the Universe. Our thoughts INDEED become things.

So, yes, we should be careful. But careful only when thinking the bad thoughts, the counterproductive thoughts. The thoughts that take us further from our dreams and passions.

But it's a wonderful and liberating power to be able to shape our lives by thinking (and acting upon ALWAYS) the thoughts that are enriching, empowering, and that will ultimately lead us to where we want to go and be in life.

Another cool thing is it's just easy to think the positive thoughts as it is the negative ones. You aren't exerting anymore strength or determination ruminating over a wonderful day full of opportunities that lies ahead compared to a lousy day full of pitfalls.

We think thousands of thoughts a day, most of them unconsciously.

Ever sit at a red light or on the sofa and realize you are worrying about SOMETHING, you just can't remember WHAT you are worrying ABOUT??

It's silly sometimes!

Our emotions tell us what we have been most recently thinking.

It's impossible to feel down and sad when filling our minds and hearts with wonderful, beautiful thoughts. And it's impossible to feel happy and joyful when contemplating bills piling up or cavities that need to be filled.

Your emotional state at this very moment was shapes by the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of thoughts you've been churning in your mind in the last hours, days, or weeks.

Once you become more in tune with your thoughts and how they shape your emotions and circumstances, the fun part is consciously sculpting each and every day of your life the way YOU want it to look!

Abraham Lincoln was correct when he said, "A man is about as happy as he makes his mind up to be."

Thoughts become things.

Even one of our most famous Presidents realized that.

You can, too.

Have a fabulous day!