Don’t Dwell On the “Cursed Hows” When Pursuing Your Goals!

One of my motivational mentors is writer and speaker Mike Dooley.

Many of you will know him from his “Notes From the Universe” writings as well as his many bestsellers and appearance in THE SECRET, a worldwide phenomenon that introduced millions to the Law of Attraction.

He speaks often of the “cursed hows” and how they get in the way of our dreams coming to fruition.

Dooley teaches that we need to focus on the END RESULTS. And the hows will begin to materialize from all directions once we are passionate enough and clear enough about our goals and dreams and desires.

For example, let’s say you want to make a lot of money. And you get into your head that the way to reach that mountain of cash is to get your book published and sold.

Well, you COULD very well have a bestseller in you somewhere. And you just MIGHT just be the next big name on bookshelves and e-readers.

BUT…why would you LIMIT yourself to just ONE AVENUE to reach that goal of making a lot of money?

What if the wealth came from a promotion or a transfer at work? What if you bought a winning lottery ticket? What if a relative died and left you their fortune? What if you quit your job and found a better one? What if you made your fortune through ANY other means?

See where this is leading?

There are more ways than one to lose weight. If you set out to weigh 175 pounds by joining Brand X’s diet plan, what about reaching that weight by WALKING or RUNNING? Working out at the gym? Getting a trainer? Eating less and exercising more? Cutting down on carbs and sugars?

You don’t want to pigeonhole yourself to the Universe or to God (or whatever you personally choose to call the universal life force that guides all of us).

So don’t limit yourselves before a limitless Universe of possibilities!

There’s more than one way to make that fortune, lose that extra weight, get the promotion, find the idea mate, etc.

Mike Dooley is correct.

The “cursed hows” get in the way. They aren’t needed.

Focus on the end results with all your heart and mind and soul and see yourself as already having achieved them.

Visualize. Believe. Have rock hard faith that it is YOURS NOW. Move in the direction of what you want.

And watch a myriad of possibilities and doors and windows open up before you.