In some cities, they camped out for days...all for a phone.  Apple's newest iPhone officially hit the shelves on Friday, with the release of the iPhone 5.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown talked to people on Friday outside the Apple store in Miami's South Beach:

FOX on Tech.

I.T. specialist Lloyd Pierson decided that he'd try to be one of "those people," who camp out all night.  He got here at seven last night, and he was first to get one this morning.

(Pierson) "No, I'm a rookie to this.  I was just, like, spontaneous with this.  It's like, you know, no one's in line, I'm gonna go for it.  You know, that pretty much guarantees my phone, right?  Since I'm first in line, right?"

People are using their iPhone 4 or 4S to send tweets about being in line to buy an iPhone 5.  Chloe is on vacation from Paris, and thought she might get her new iPhone while she's here.

(Chloe) "For change, to change, because I think it's better.  So, design...and to get it, in the end, because it's new, it's different and it's cool."

In Miami Beach, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

Photo Courtesy: FOX News

With the new iPhone comes an attractive new target for thieves, so one big city is taking steps to help customers protect their new gadget.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig reports from New York City:

(NYC Apple Store) "3...2...1..."

As customers pour in to New York Apple stores, the NYPD is already waiting, part of "Operation I.D."  As people check out, they can register their phone's serial number with cops.

(NYC Police Officer) "In the event the phone gets lost, we're able to locate where the iPod is at."

It's free to the public and the NYPD is making it easy, stationing at 21 Apple, Verizon and AT&T stores around the Big Apple.  If your phone gets lost or stolen, cops can trace it and return it to you if it's registered.

New York's Finest have also used Apple's iCloud to find stolen phones and apprehend those who had taken them.  To help in that, officers recommend turning on the "Find My iPhone" setting.

In New York, Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Operation I.D.

WATCH FOX Business Network's Robert Gray outside an Apple store in NYC as it opened for the iPhone 5 release on Friday:

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