Internationally syndicated columnist Amir Taheri joined Brian Kilmeade on his radio show, Kilmeade and Friends, this morning and stated that under the leadership of President Obama the United States has turned into a second-hand power which has created a dangerous situation for the Middle East and the United States.  Taheri continued emphasizing that the weakness and retreat President Obama is organizing has not been translated into any love and affection for either President Obama or the United States.

Taheri went on to say that it is a big mistake for the United States to run disclaimers to the people of Pakistan showing Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama condemning the movie because if you are not sure on yourself how can you expect anybody to respect you.  The mistake Obama has made is that because he is a charming man he believes he will charm everybody into doing whatever he wants.  International politics don't work on charm, they work with strength, discipline, principles, hard work, and demanding to be respected.  Unfortunately this has not happened.