Friday was a day of prayer and protest across the Middle East.  From Pakistan to Afghanistan, to Iran and Iraq and beyond, anti-American sentiment and disdain for an anti-Islam film riled large groups of protesters, though Libyans called for protests against the violence that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.  That didn't help in Pakistan, where dozens of people were killed in violent demonstrations.

FOX's Rick Leventhal reports from Jerusalem:

The Pakistani government declared today "Love for the Prophet Day," and called for peaceful protests.  But demonstrators turned violent, anyway, in Islamabad, Karachi and Peshawar, where an angry mob ransacked and torched two movie theaters.  Police used tear gas and opened fire with live rounds, killing a driver working for a Pakistani TV station, wounding several others.

Many Western embassies across the region closed or beefed up security because of the protests, which, in some cases, included the burning of American flags and burning the effigy of President Barack Obama.  One demonstrator said he was there because of the anti-Muslim film on the web, saying it hurt their feelings very badly.

In Jerusalem, Rick Leventhal, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the anti-American protests in the Mideast:

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