My mentor Jim Rohn always focused on a very important series of questions we need to ask ourselves constantly.

Who am I surrounded by? What are they doing to me? And is that ok?

Who are you surrounding yourself with? What kinds of things do they have you do, read, listen to, partake in?

Good habits? Healthy choices? Or bad habits? Unhealthy choices?

It’s a critical set of questions, isn’t it?

I have written about quite often the philosophy and law that we become what we think about most. That what we think on EXPANDS in our consciousness and in our LIVES.

That’s why who we hang around with is so, so important.

Do you realize you tend to make the average of what your closest circle of friends make?

Last week we talked about on the radio a ridiculous study that showed that the rich and the poor don’t live in the same neighborhoods.

WOW. Really? What a shock!! You mean that someone making $400,000 a year doesn’t live next door to someone who makes $25,000 a year??

Who would have thought that?? ASTONISHING!

Actually, it isn’t a shock at all.

Rich people tend to not hang out with people making minimum wage in dead end jobs. Successful people don’t tend to hang out with people who are derelict of ideas, direction, and goals. Smokers tend to hang out with smokers. People into UFOs tend to hang out with people into UFOs. Happy, positive people hang around happy, positive people. Sulkers, whiners, and the down beat hang around…you get the picture…sulkers, whiners, and the down beat.

It’s not a SURPRISE. It’s not a COINCIDENCE.

The point is to try to surround yourself with people who share the same values and principles and philosophies that you do or that you WANT to.

You aren’t going to become a rocket scientist investing your time with dead end people with no imagination or drive.

Surround yourself with smart, happy, enterprising people!

You become what you think about most. And you will tend to act and react like and emulate the people you surround yourself with.

So make wise choices! They can make or break EVERYTHING.

Garbage in, garbage out.

It has always been and will always continue to be true!