Three more states hold Republican Presidential contests today.  Will Mitt Romney have another strong showing?  Or will another candidate rise from the shadows?

Fox News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal, Hank Weinbloom, and FOX's Mike Tobin file this report from America's Election Headquarters in each of the battleground states:

(Music) From America's Election Headquarters, I'm Jessica Rosenthal in Denver.  Mitt Romney is expected to do well, but in second place, according to polls, it's Rick Santorum.  Santorum who has campaigned hard here in the last week, says today's results will "reset the race":

Santorum: "The idea that the challenger to Mitt Romney is Newt Gingrich, well that's reset."

However, key in Colorado is appealing to Independents.  One third of registered voters here are unaffiliated.

I'm Hank Weinbloom.  Missouri is considered a swing state in Presidential elections.  But in today's non-binding primary, the 'show me' state won't show us much.  Delegates won't be awarded until next month.

Santorum: "We have an opportunity in this election right here in Missouri."

Only Rick Santorum has campaigned in the state.  He could do well there today.  Newt Gingrich isn't even on the ballot.

Mitt Romney is the one Republican that you can't find in Minnesota today.  Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul all think they have a chance to show Romney is not running away with the Republican Nomination.  That is because motivated caucus goers in Minnesota are expected to make the most conservative choice; Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich.  Ron Paul is expected to appeal to Libertarians.

In St. Paul, Mike Tobin, FOX News Radio.

For more on the election landscape of Minnesota, Missouri, & Colorado, watch this VIDEO:

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