Just when I think PETA can’t get any more insane than they already are in my opinion, they prove me wrong and one up themselves.

A judge is currently weighing a case brought forward by PETA last year that is asking that theme park whales be considered SLAVES and must be granted protection under the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

No, this isn’t satire. And I wish it were just a sick joke.

These wing nuts are for real.

Whales are protected under the U.S. Constitution.

The scariest part of the whole thing is that the case rests in the hands of a JUDGE. Could ONE man have the power to grant animals HUMAN rights and freedoms??

Why shouldn’t chimps be given the right to vote? Heck, they are probably more intelligent than many of the people out there voting already. Why not?

Or the right to keep and bear ams? PLANET OF THE APES was just a movie, after all. We have nothing to fear from arming our simian cousins.

Don’t laugh.

If a whale is granted protections under the U.S. Constitution, every other animal under it will come next.

Why would pet ownership remain LEGAL after such a ruling? Zoos and even sanctuaries would have to go. I bet you couldn’t even own a dog or a cat.

Don’t think it can’t happen.

The nuts in San Francisco are already trying to make it illegal to even sell GOLD FISH within city limits.

Let’s hope this one solitary judge has more common sense than all the card carrying members of the fanatical PETA combined.

Animals are NOT humans. They just AREN’T.

Will plants be next? Does a head of lettuce deserve to not be decapitated and removed from the soil? Does a tomato have a right to not be picked and sliced into a sandwich?

Here’s something to REALLY ponder.

If these fanatically crazy people get there way, you will never eat another animal product again. You will never wear leather, fur, or wool again.

This USED to be called mental illness in the days when we still had the guts to call it what it is.