A couple on vacation in Arizona was shot and killed on a busy highway. Authorities are hoping a nearby cop killing case may help to solve the murder mystery.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

They hope a witness comes forward. Anyone who...

(D'Evelyn) "May have seen a car pull out fast or some activity that was suspicious."

...on a highway near Sedona, Arizona, Friday. When a man and woman vacationing from New Hampshire were shot and killed by somebody... 

(D'Evelyn) "From outside the vehicle and struck both victims who remained inside the vehicle."

...Yavapai County Sheriff's spokesman, Dwight D'Evelyn might get help from Maricopa County where early Sunday a Sheriff's Deputy was shot to death by a suspect who was then shot and killed. Now investigators are looking to see if the same gunman, using the same rifle, killed the couple and the deputy.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio

WATCH more about the Arizona highway killing:

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