One of the hardest parts about being human is the constant tug of war between who we are and who others want us to be.

I would have to argue that this battle is one of the biggest sources of stress and unhappiness we experience.

One issue that has gotten me in a lot of hot water is my views on gays and lesbians and how they should be accepted and no longer treated like second class citizens. Makes me sad that this is even a controversial position in the first place!

I saw an article this morning about how actress Kristy McNichol has finally come out into the open about her homosexuality.

It was enlightening, heartening, and sad all at once.

She has had a committed partner for TWO DECADES, dare I say a lot longer than many of our heterosexual relationships and marriages last.

She came out just before her 50th Birthday because she wanted to be true about who she is.

And she also wants to be able to help kids who are being bullied in school and in society because of their sexual orientation.


Can you imagine being in the closet yourself?

Not just concerning sexuality, but what if you had to be in the closet as a conservative?

I know PLENTY of people who hide their views on politics and philosophy from both sides of aisle because of intolerance or fear of condemnation from the other side.

I had a co-worker for years who SHOCKED me when he admitted to me he was a conservative. He played the part of the local liberal because of his clientele, friends, and professional partnerships.

I couldn’t BELIEVE it.

Imagine being in the closet because of a burning interest you have. A hobby or a career that others might not accept.

Or because of your religion.


Would you want to be closeted because of your beliefs and loves in life?

Then why make someone else feel their life is unacceptable or dirty just because we don’t agree with it?

We wouldn’t want that on ourselves, and we certainly shouldn’t want it on others.

Be who you are and be the best you can be.

Without fear and without regret.

Stay out of someone’s way and maybe they will stay out of yours, too!