Norway Attacks: The Face of Terror

    Authorities are learning more about the man who has reportedly confessed to the deadly bombing and mass shooting in Norway that's left 93 dead - 7 in the bombing, 86 at an island youth retreat.

    The gunman, 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, wanted to start a revolution, according to his lawyer.  Breivik left a long online manifesto that U.S. and Norwegian officials are combing through in the aftermath of the shooting.

    FOX's Catherine Herridge has more from Washington...

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    So what is in that manifesto?

    FOX's Catherine Herridge has taken a look at it herself...

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    Breivik's lawyer claims the deaths are act of a lone terrorist, and that his client had no help.  But police are refusing to rule out the possibility that others are involved.

    FOX's Greg Burke has more on that from Oslo...

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    As the investigation continues, so does the mourning.  The pews at Oslo's cathedral were packed for a Sunday morning service, grieving for those killed and wounded in Friday's twin attacks.

    FOX's Greg Burke reports from Oslo...

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