UPDATE: Police now report at least 85 people were killed in the Norway Youth Camp attack.

Some survivors played dead to avoid being killed.

FOX's Greg Palkot has more on the possibility of a second shooter involved in that attack and more from London:



It's the deadliest attack since World War II in Oslo, Norway.  First a bombing rips through Government buildings in downtown Oslo, then a shooting rampage at a youth camp on a nearby island Friday.  Police say a shooting suspect has been arrested and he's linked to the bombing.

Listen HERE to what the scene in Oslo sounded like after the explosion:


FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports:


President Obama spoke about the attack Friday.

Listen HERE:


There are reports of at least 7 dead in the explosion and at least 85 dead at the camp on Utoya Island (pictured above) where the youth wing of the country's Labor Party was holding summer camp.

In the U.S., security is being stepped up in some areas in wake of these attacks.

Below is a statement released by the NYPD:

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks in Oslo, the NYPD has deployed Critical  Response Vehicles and other resources to Norway's Mission and Consulate in Manhattan, as well as to the consulates and missions of Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. The Police Department continues to monitor events in Norway closely for further details and possible motives behind the attacks, but we have no information at this time indicating a specific threat against New York City

 Paul J. Browne, Deputy Commissioner

New York City Police Department

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