Ok. Today was supposed to be my day off. Our daughter had her second eye surgery in as many months and the plan was to kick back and take good care of her as she recovers.

But I cannot remain silent over the frankly IDIOTIC comments from former President Jimmy Carter.

First of all, why does the Left and the Media At Large (one and the same, really) insist on asking Carter's advice and wisdom.

This is a man who nearly crippled America in his 4 years as President. I feel confident in calling him the most FAILED President of my lifetime. Maybe even YOUR lifetime.

And now he is once again playing the race card.

Not only does he believe that Representative Joe Wilson's "You lie!" outburst racially motivated, but also the push against the President's health care reform.

Ok. So calling someone a liar is now racist?? Only if the President is a minority?? What about black Americans who said "Bush lied, and they (soldiers) died"?? Were THEY racist against a WHITE President??

How is calling someone a liar--aside from the inappropriate nature of its origination in a join session of Congress--suddenly a RACIST act??

And being opposed to socialized medicine?? THAT is racist??

Can't it POSSIBLY be that a majority of Americans are against it because it is WRONG?? Health care should not become--and cannot be--a RIGHT. Couldn't handing the car keys to our health care system to the Feds be just a BAD IDEA on the face of it?? Is THAT possible??

Nope. Must be racism.

I find it rich that Carter seems to be the expert on racial comments when during the campaign he referenced a childhood Obama as a "black boy". Come on now. Everyone knows that you can't get away with saying that in America. It is NOT OK. Even a peanut farmer from Georgia should know that.

And imagine if McCain or Palin or Bush had said something like that! Think you would have read about THAT?? I can't believe how many people don't even believe that Carter said this, but it's all over YouTube and the Internet if you don't believe me. But barely a peep from the mainstream media. Why?

Because only Republicans can be racists, apparently.

I will never forget one of the BIGGEST examples of the racial double standard I have ever witnessed in my life.

Then Lt. Governor of California Cruz Bustamante was giving a Black History speech to a group of black Americans when he accidentally said the "N" word. The "N" WORD!! A liberal Hispanic and the Lt. Governor of California saying the "N" word in a speech!!

Imagine the reaction that would have gotten had it been a CONSERVATIVE or REPUBLICAN who made that HUGE and IDIOTIC mistake!!

And imagine the reaction if the excuse had been the one Bustamante used--that he MEANT to say NEGRO.


I thought that term became politically incorrect YEARS AGO?!?! Imagine, again, if a CONSERVATIVE used that excuse!! They'd be called a racist neanderthal for even still USING that term!

Jimmy Carter is wrong. Again.

It makes you wonder if this whole "post racial America" was just a slogan and never intended to be a real and worthwhile goal.

From the BEGINNING of this campaign to the PRESENT, it is THIS ADMINISTRATION and its defenders who insist every other criticism is racially motivated.

There's a sure way to get on the right path to a post racial America.

Stop OBSESSING about race. Stop calling everything racism.

Saying "You lie!" is racially motivated is worse than saying that complementing a woman on her new shoes is sexual harassment.


And finally, PLEASE...PLEASE...I BEG YOU...Somebody tell me WHY we care about Jimmy Carter's opinion on ANYTHING when he was one of the most failed Presidents in HISTORY??

I hear crickets.