President Obama said what might very well be, in my opinion, the most sensible thing he has said yet.

Kanye West is a "jackass"!

Too bad it was off the record during an interview with CNBC.

He was referring to Kanye West's incredibly rude and moronic invasion of singer Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV Awards the other night. The alleged entertainer stormed the stage and took the mic from Swift and bellyached about how Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.

Call the Whambulance.

Talk about SORE LOSERS. Good GRIEF!

ABC News issued an apology after one of their anchors announced the "Tweet" of the President's remarks.

I hope Obama doesn't apologize for THIS.

For his handling of the economy, health care, and even the controversy involving his friend Professor Gates? Absolutely.

But for having the guts to call Kanye West what he IS? Nope. NEVER. Don't do it, Mr. President!

And next time, please feel free to say it ON THE RECORD.

The President's observation was spot on.

No lie.