I was flipping the channels the other night after some of my favorite ghost hunter shows were over.

And I unfortunately landed on a sickening show that will remain nameless.

But suffice it to say, it nearly made me ILL.

It was a show about those insane (in my opinion) parents who get their little girls wrapped up in beauty pageants at age 3.


Little girls should be playing in a sandbox, watching kiddie shows, and doodling in their coloring books.

They SHOULDN'T be strutting around like harlots in heels and makeup, prancing on a stage like they are in a strip club.

Parents who push their kids into this are SICK in my opinion. There HAS to be something fundamentally wrong with a mother or father that would layer their baby's face with makeup and stick them in a bikini that shows them off like an internet model.

I watched stunned as a 4-year-old spent FIVE HOURS in a spa. Unreal. Come on.

Don't live vicariously through your kids. If you were a beauty queen as a toddler, don't make your daughter suffer the same fate. And if you NEVER made the cut, it's not your daughter's job to live the glory days you never knew.

We didn't learn a darned thing from Jean Benet Ramsey, did we??