Finally. I can take a deep breath. I have been vindicated.

I have been telling you for MONTHS now that the mainstream media has made the economic situation far worse with it apocalyptic storytelling of doom and gloom.

And now there is a poll out finding that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree with me.

77% of Americans said they felt that the U.S. media has made the financial downturn worse by projecting fear into the hearts and minds of the American people.

The poll found that most felt the media carried some responsibility for the lack of confidence in the economy.

Remember what I have always told you--and it is a fundamental law of the universe--what you THINK about you BRING about.

Everyone knows a friend or relative or co-worker who always talks of illness and is seemingly always--surprise, surprise--SICK.

We all know people who speak only of failure and then turn around and fail...AGAIN.

My favorite analogy is that of the sports coach getting his team pumped up. The coach doesn't pump them up for defeat. They don't instill thoughts of failure. "Let's get out there and LOSE this one, team!! GO, go, go!! SURRENDER at any cost!!"

Neither does the military commander send his troops into battle with thoughts of anything less than VICTORY.

Of course not. That would be silly and quite counterproductive in both examples.

Most of us, unfortunately, get our vibrational pulse from the media. The media can change our entire MOOD, whether it's reporting on the weather or sharing predictions on an election.

The best we can do is fight this negative drumbeat. It does NOT have to become OUR reality. Sure, the economy isn't what it has been or could be. But is it really helpful to start off yet another year with more predictions of heartache, bankruptcy, and doom?

So don't let the news bring you the blues.

It's way too much power to give the media anyway.